Detective: Dig Deeper

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 Dig Deeper is a standalone expansion to Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. It is the first take in a fascinating adventure for a Detective line  Signaure Series, where best storytellers in the industry taking the Detective engine and are using it to tell their stories. Rob is a industry veteran (Pandemic Legacy, Cthulhu: Death May Die, Downforce). He creates amazing setting in ’70s. For those of us who remember crime TV shows like Starsky & Hutch it’s time to turn good music on and let the sentiment and memories take us for the ride to the past.

Rob Daviau’s Case opens the series, and he takes us all by surprise, getting us to Boston suburbs in ’70s. This city has seen better days. Lots of protests. Civil unrest, tensions. It’s a brooding city struggling to find its footing. Some days it’s simmering. Other days it’s cooking. What a time to fight crime!