FSMFHC050BO Feldherr foam tray compatible with Star Wars X-Wing: Gauntlet Fighter

The mandalorian Gauntlet Fighters are highly mobile due to their wings rotating around the body and are famous for their high maneuverability on the battlefield. Many ships must have stood the test of time, as this fighter finds itself in the ranks of the Rebels, the Empire, and many criminal cartels. With this Feldherr foam tray, you'll ensure that the miniature of your Gauntlet Fighter arrives unscathed on the battlefields of a galaxy far, far away. The large compartment is miniature-precisely cut to fit a model of the Gauntlet Fighter. Thus, the ship lies safely in its compartment made of soft foam. The custom-fit cut ensures that the miniature does not slip around during transport. The soft foam not only protects delicate details from damage but also protects the colors from abrasion and scratches. The base finds a place in the large square compartment and some larger tokens. The holding peg also gets its own space in the tray. For the five dials, there are two custom-fit compartments. Distribute the

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