Gloomhaven 1000-Piece Puzzle: The Black Barrow

Cephalofair Games

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Embark on an adventure with the Gloomhaven 1000-Piece Puzzle: The Black Barrow. This puzzle transports you to the world of Gloomhaven, where you'll delve into the Black Barrow hideout on a mission to recover Jeksarah's stolen scrolls. But be prepared – crypts teeming with bandits and living corpses are just the beginning of the dangers that lie ahead in your journey through Gloomhaven.

This high-quality 1000-piece puzzle features brand new artwork, allowing you to explore the vivid and exciting world of one of the top-selling board games from Cephalofair in a unique and engaging way. Whether you're a fan of puzzles, Gloomhaven, or both, this puzzle will provide hours of entertainment and challenge.