HSMFHB035BO Feldherr foam tray compatible with Star Wars X-Wing: Fury of the First Order

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When Supreme Leader Kylo Ren participates in an aerial assault, he prefers his TIE/WI Whisper Interceptor. Flanked by two advanced TIE/SE Bombers, Ren daringly charges into battle. To avoid unnecessarily invoking the Supreme Leader's Fury, we've included the matching Feldherr foam insert to ensure your models arrive at the game table unscathed. Both the TIE/WI and the heavier TIE/SE get customized compartments for their models. Thanks to the miniature-precisely cut, the models do not slide around in the tray during transport. The soft foam reliably protects vulnerable details from damage, like antennas or wings. The colors of the painted miniatures are preserved and also spared from abrasion and scratches by the soft foam. The dials also receive two custom-cut compartments. Seven cross-shaped slots are used to store plastic pegs, while you can distribute bases and tokens to the remaining four compartments. You can also use them to reinforce your fleet. Models like the TIE Striker or mini