Destinies: Shape the Epic Tale of Mortals Amidst Chaos

Delve into the immersive world of Destinies. Amid prophecies of the End of Days, as war, pestilence, and famine tear the land asunder, a chosen few rise with the power to forge destiny. Will they be the beacon of hope or the harbinger of doom?


  • Story-Driven Experience: Venture into a universe filled with dark tales, enigmatic characters, and captivating mysteries waiting for your discovery.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Effortlessly merging an app and traditional board game mechanics, Destinies offers a seamless and modern gaming experience.
  • Multiple Scenarios: Dive into any of the 5 distinct scenarios, each painting a unique segment of a richly crafted world on the brink of cataclysm.
  • Competitive Exploration: Race against others to fulfill prophecies, make game-changing decisions, and dictate the course of a history teetering on the edge.

Destinies invites players into a gripping tale, challenging them to be the heroes or villains in a world that stands at the precipice. Can you mold the future amidst such dire straits? Order now and carve your path in this epic saga!

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