Destinies: Shape the Epic Tale of Mortals Amidst Chaos

Lucky Duck Games

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Delve into the immersive world of Destinies. Amid prophecies of the End of Days, as war, pestilence, and famine tear the land asunder, a chosen few rise with the power to forge destiny. Will they be the beacon of hope or the harbinger of doom?


  • Story-Driven Experience: Venture into a universe filled with dark tales, enigmatic characters, and captivating mysteries waiting for your discovery.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Effortlessly merging an app and traditional board game mechanics, Destinies offers a seamless and modern gaming experience.
  • Multiple Scenarios: Dive into any of the 5 distinct scenarios, each painting a unique segment of a richly crafted world on the brink of cataclysm.
  • Competitive Exploration: Race against others to fulfill prophecies, make game-changing decisions, and dictate the course of a history teetering on the edge.

Destinies invites players into a gripping tale, challenging them to be the heroes or villains in a world that stands at the precipice. Can you mold the future amidst such dire straits? Order now and carve your path in this epic saga!