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Enter the world of SATANIMALS, a hilariously entertaining, strategic card game that will test your management skills as you endeavor to construct the ultimate demonic petting zoo! This game challenges you to gather satanic creatures, attract Visitors, and hire Zoo Keepers in an exciting and often unpredictable race against your fellow players.

Inside the box, you'll find 127 high-quality cards, each featuring unique illustrations and abilities that will keep gameplay fresh and engaging. To enhance the atmosphere, we've included 2 wooden tokens – the Eternal Flame and Completed Zoo – each designed with meticulous detail. Our packaging isn't lacking either; you'll receive a badass box with a sacrificial pit printed inside, showing the lengths we go to ensure every aspect of SATANIMALS is dripping with theme.

A comprehensive rules sheet is also provided to guide both newbies and experienced gamers through the ins and outs of building a demonic zoo. With its balance of strategy, competition, and dark humor, SATANIMALS is a must-have addition to any game night.