Two Thin Coats Paint (15 ml)

Introducing the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy 'Two Thin Coats' Paint Range - a distinctive line of paints meticulously crafted in collaboration with some of the finest paint development chemists worldwide. This isn't just a repackaging of existing products; each color has been uniquely designed to meet the high standards of what a miniature paint should be.

The 'Two Thin Coats' Paint Range has been developed in partnership with Trans Atlantis Games, aiming to cater to hobbyists at all skill levels. Whether a beginner just starting out in the world of miniature painting or a seasoned expert, these paints offer a delightful painting experience.

The inaugural lineup consists of 60 colors, including 6 amazing washes that dry matte while effortlessly seeping into the minutest recesses, and 6 vibrant metallics that employ cutting-edge technology for a stunning shine. The metallic range includes 3 shades each of gold and silver. The remaining 48 colors offer a comprehensive palette, covering both primary and secondary colors along with a wide array of other shades.

Unique to this range is the triad system - each color, including the metallics, is designed with a Shadow, Mid-tone, and Highlight. However, the paints are versatile enough to be used in any manner, allowing you to switch them around according to your artistic style and preference.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the joy of painting with the 'Two Thin Coats' Paint Range by Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy.

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Color: Berserker Red


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Hunter Matos
Go to brand.

Two things coats is the best consistency out of the bottle I’ve used to date.